Special Interest
Special Interest        

North Delhi Pathology Clinic contributes to betterment of health services in North India by providing personalized international class diagnostic & CME support to physicians and other medical professionals.

Improving Standards of Medical Laboratory Reporting

Since 2001 , North Delhi Pathology Clinic has been organizing VILAC (Voluntary Inter Laboratory Comparison Programme) of APP, a proficiency testing programme for medical laboratories that are interested in improving Quality of their results. It covers each aspect of medical laboratory testing i.e. Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Immunoassays and Microbiology. Participation exceeds 100 member laboratories, with cascading effect of quality improvement reflected on almost 30-50 million results generated . This voluntary effort has been widely appreciated and recognized by members of medical profession, regulatory authorities and patients.

Providing Continuing Medical Education (CMEs) to Clinicians

North Delhi Pathology Clinic organizes Continuing Medical Education (CMEs) in which clinicians actively participate. Consultants of NDPC help clinicians in understanding newer laboratory investigation and current epidemiological trends.